18+ game Spark in the dark in english


This game is designed to bring adult couples (age 18+) out of their daily routine, to ignite passion and create blissful intimacy.

This game helps couples to:

  • Discover and learn each other’s personal intimate preferences and fantasies
  • Enjoy very special quality time with each other
  • Add spice to the relationship and develop playfulness

The Game contains:

  • Instruction
  • Foreplay Card
  • 36 Playing Cards with sex poses
  • 22 Intimate Activity Cards
  • 20 Fill-in Fantasy Cards
  • Eye mask
  • Timer
  • Silk pouch for discrete travelling
  • Be Passionate intimate moisturizer & personal massage oil tester (2×2,75ml)

WARNING! The game can create a variety of hot feelings, an increase of the happiness hormones and an unworldly bliss!